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Disgruntled Parents Create ‘R. Kelly Abuse Hotline’ For Accusers

"There’s no age limit on being mind-controlled, drugged, brainwashed."


Andrea Kelly Believed She Was Going To Die During Tumultuous Marriage To R. Kelly

"He’s gonna drive off with my body in the back seat, and nobody’s gonna know.”


R. Kelly’s Brother Claims Singer Sexually Abused 14-Year-Old Cousin

Carey Kelly accused his "demonic" older brother of preying on a family member who later became pregnant.

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Lil Boosie Thinks R. Kelly, Usher, Bill Cosby And Russell Simmons Are Innocent

"When people put a black cloud over your head, that motherf**ker hard to get off. That's what happened to R.Kelly, man."


R. Kelly Accuser Kitti Jones Regrets Not Coming Forward Sooner With Allegations

"If I had spoken up a little sooner maybe that would never have happened to them..."


R. Kelly’s Brother Accuses Him Of Dating Men And Spreading STDs On Diss Track, “I Confess”

Carey Killa's "I Confess" unleashes claims about blackmailing, down low behavior by R. Kelly and more.


R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Responds To 19-Minute “I Admit” With A Remix

"Even though you can't read or write/it didn't stop you from making hit songs/ but you don't have to read or write to know Domestic…


Throw The Whole Man Away: Why The Black Community Must Stop Supporting R. Kelly

We need to stop protecting problematic artists for the sake of their work and, instead, work to protect the young black women of our community who…

Music News

R. Kelly Opens Up About Sex Cult, Illiteracy And More On 19-Minute Track

"What’s the definition of a sex slave?"


R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Andrea Slams Him And His Supporters: “F**k You And Him”

"You WILL NOT stop me from saving lives and giving hope to those who are where I was."

Movies & TV

BuzzFeed To Produce Documentary On R. Kelly’s Sexually Abusive Behavior

The documentary will feature BuzzFeed's extensive reporting on the singer's polarizing behavior.


Amanda Seales Talks Respecting The Work Of Problematic Artists Separately From Their Characters

There's a reason why it's so hard for black people to let go of their problematic musicians.


Andrea Kelly Contemplated Suicide After Domestic Dispute With R. Kelly

Kelly also spoke to the parents of alleged sex cult victim Joycelyn Savage.


Zaytoven Says Women In R. Kelly’s “Cult” Went Willingly

"...I think he's so great a musician that I don't even care about or wanna hear what the stories are."


Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Threatens To Remove Music From Spotify

Spotify's new hate policy has allegedly triggered Kung Fu Kenny to consider pulling his catalog from the music streaming service.
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