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7 Controversial & Offensive Tourist Attractions In The U.S.

Can you believe these are still around?


Media Watch: Tips For Mainstream Press On Covering Race

When clueless mainstream press tackle race, fiascos can erupt. VIBE phoned NPR’s media critic and Race Baiter author Eric Deggans to dish tips for better…


#FactsOnly Quiz: Did These Racist Moments Really Happen In America?

Still think we’re a post-racial nation? Guess which of these incredulous incidents really happened somewhere in America 1) Two parents filed a human rights…


Interview: Tracy Martin Speaks On Life After Trayvon

SURVIVAL TACTICS The murders of Renisha McBride and Jonathan Ferrell last year have reaffirmed that simply being black in America can be lethal. Trayvon Martin’s…


Editorial: Das Racist’s Heems Details His Experience As An Indian MC

50 SHADES OF BROWN Rap music’s racial makeup isn’t as simple as black and white. Heems of Das Racist details his complicated hip-hop experience as…


A Brief History Of Asian Influence In Hip-Hop

VIBE goes eastbound and down for a recap of hip-hop’s Asian fetish 1992: Wu-Tang Clan imparts Shaolin wisdom on rap heads by slicing Kung-Fu classics…


Social Experiment: Is ‘Shopping While Black’ A Crime?

AMERICAN MADE Thanks largely to Jay Z and Barneys New York, there’s awareness on the racial profiling of African-American consumers. But has the attention…