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Actor Darris Love Accuses LAPD Of Racial Profiling After He Was Wrongfully Arrested

The actor is expected to hold a press conference about the incident today (June 11).


Jim Jones Puts L.A. Fitness On Blast For Racial Profiling

"they threatened to kick me out and get me terminated, I asked on [what] grounds..."


Eminem Spits About Privilege And Profiling In Latest Song “Untouchable”

"So this whole nation feels like a plantation field/ In a country that claims that it's foundation was based on based on United States ideals..."


Offset Weighs In On Cardi B’s Recent Incident With The NYPD

Offset isn't quite sure what was going on, but one thing is for sure: Police brutality is a real thing.


Amanda Seales Gets Candid About Racial Profiling In Tobacco Industry

The comedian isn't joking about these facts.


A Reddit Law Enforcement Community Details How Some White People React To Their Black Neighbors

Reddit user Sf7 grew frustrated with white people calling police to report suspicious activity of black people for doing very legal, non suspicious things.


Barneys Settles Racial Profiling Allegations For $525K

Barneys has agreed to a $525,000 settlement for racial profiling after a nine-month investigation found that the security and staff personnel of its flagship store…


George Zimmerman’s Biggest Supporter Frank Taaffe Now Says He’s Guilty

George Zimmerman's best friend and fellow neighborhood watch, Frank Taaffe, is now seeking justice for Trayvon Martin. If you remember he was a…


Social Experiment: Is ‘Shopping While Black’ A Crime?

AMERICAN MADE Thanks largely to Jay Z and Barneys New York, there’s awareness on the racial profiling of African-American consumers. But has the attention…


Andre Leon Talley Says African Americans ‘With Any Consciousness’ Shouldn’t Shop at Barney’s

This Wednesday (Nov. 20), Jay Z unveiled a pricey holiday collection in collaboration with fashion retailer Barney's. Despite reports of racial profiling, the…


Opinion: Has Barneys Turned Jay Z Into Bad Santa?

Move along window shoppers, there’s absolutely nothing to see here.


Brandon T. Jackson and Other Celebs Who Were Racially Profiled

Brandon T. Jackson is claiming a US Airways flight attendant degraded him countless times before having him removed from his plane. According to the…


Protestors Gather At Barneys Over ‘Shop And Frisk’

Protestors rallied at Barneys in New York Wednesday (Oct. 29) following reports that four Black shoppers were allegedly racially profiled after buying items…


Jay-Z Speaks Out About Barney’s Drama ‘I Am Not Making a Dime From This Collection’

Jay-Z has come under fire about his holiday collection collaboration with Barney's after there were two reported incidents earlier this week of young Black teens…


Jay-Z Releases Statement on Barneys Racial Profiling Incident

Earlier this week a 19-year-old Queens student filed a lawsuit against luxury department store Barneys New York after he was detained by cops for purchasing…