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It’s 2017 And White People Still Can’t Believe Black People Fly First Class

Ignorance can be found anywhere, including the line for priority seating at an airport.


Tennessee High School Students Stage Walkout After Social Media Threats

According to the students, the school administrators didn't do enough.


Instagram Makeup Artist Gets Dragged For Blackface Makeup Tutorial

...we're still having a hard time comprehending that blackface isn't okay?


Utah Cheerleaders Caught Happily Chanting The N-Word On Instagram

The Weber School District defended the girls' actions, since the racial slur was said in reverse as "serggin cuff.”


Denny’s Employee Fired After Telling Four Black People To Pay Before Their Food Arrived

This incident adds to the restaurant chain's storied history of racist or discriminatory occurrences.


Bar Owner Under Fire For “Lynch Kaepernick” Doormat

He says it's purely "out of accident."


Firefighter Says Saving A Dog Is More Important Than Saving “A Million Ni**ers”

A volunteer firefighter from Ohio has been suspended indefinitely after a racist Facebook comment about black people has gained traction. In…


L’Oreal Fires Black Trans Model For Putting Systematic Racism On Blast

Munroe Bergdorf is calling for a boycott of the makeup brand.
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