Target Under Fire For “Baby Daddy” Card Featuring Black Couple

"I think many people who use the term are not aware of its actual definition."


Missouri Waitress Fired For Saying She’s Going “N****r Hunting”

The young woman is also being investigated by the U.S. Air Force, as she is an enlistee.


Wanda Sykes Leaves Gig On ‘Roseanne’ Amid Actress’s Racist Tirade

The comedienne served as the show's consulting producer.


Sabrina Claudio Apologizes For Racist Social Media Remarks

"I realize my past ignorance is affecting people..."


Chance the Rapper Calls Out Heineken For Their ‘Horribly Racist’ Ad

"I didnt wanna tweet about it so bad...but its like how can u not"


Black Student Given “Most Likely To Blend In With White People” Award

This was given to her by the same teacher who made headlines for her offensive superlatives last week.


Steve Harvey Laughed At His Own Racist Remarks About Asian Men

Steve Harvey was laughing at his own damn joke.


WWE Knocks Out Contract With Hulk Hogan After N-Word Rant Leaks

Hulk Hogan’s use of racial slurs sent him into the ring with WWE.


#ShadesOfRevlon: Twitter Reacts to Revlon CEO Being Sued for Alleged Racism

Only a few hours into 2015 and we already have a racist scandal on our hands. A former Revlon employee is claiming he was…


Is the NWA Biopic Casting Call the Most Racist Ever?

As fans of the legendary rap group NWA, we are pleased that Universal Pictures is currently working on a film celebrating hip hop…


Is Baby K’Tan Being Racist?

Look at the picture above, see anything wrong with it? At a quick glance one would simply see to two Baby K'tan items, but…
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