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Kenyan Priest Suspended By Catholic Church For Rapping Sermons

"We have just barred him from preaching using rap music to allow him to change his ways."

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Will Smith Announces New Music Is On The Way With Fiery Rap

He didn't have to go hard like this.


Donald Trump Listens To Rap Songs About, You Guessed It, Donald Trump

There's a soft spot in his cold little heart for rappers who mention him.


Spend A Day In The Life With Logic In ‘Rapture’ Series Trailer

Logic stars in the new hip-hop documentary 'Rapture' with a host of other hip-hop stars.


Brooklyn Congressman Honors Female Rap Collaborations With 10-Day Countdown

What a great way to ring in Women's History Month.


Drake Shares His Very First Rap “Press Kit” With Fans

Before the platinum plaques, Drizzy was just the average joe.


Messiah Steps Away from Latin Trap, Goes Classic Hip-Hop With Notorious B.I.G. Sample

There's no telling where exactly Messiah is going with this new sound.


Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Debuts at No. 1 On Billboard Hot 100

Drake's 2018 is starting out on a high note.


20 Rap Albums That Should’ve Been Nominated For A Grammy

We looked back at some of 2017's best rap albums.


Kanye West Rapped For A Cancer Patient Days Before Her Death

Kanye West doesn't always need cameras around.


Watch A Rare JAY-Z Rap Battle Video From 1993

Hov got his start battling in the streets of the concrete jungle.
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