Raymond vs. Raymond

Usher’s “Mars vs. Venus”

This sleepy, seductive cut is Usher's latest leak from his forthcoming Raymond vs. Raymond. The slow jam suggests that a night with Mr. Entertainment is…


Usher’s Release Date is Not Budging

Contrary to several reports, Usher’s Raymond v. Raymond is still set to drop March 30. Last week several media outlets reported that R&B singer, Usher’s…


Uncovered: Usher’s “Raymond Vs. Raymond”

The new album art for Usher's upcoming album Raymond Vs. Raymond made us do a double take, since we thought we'd already uncovered it. Oh…


Peep This: Usher “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)”

Daddy's home! Translation: Young'uns remove yourself from the throne. Does Usher stake his claim with this spankin'-new Chris Robinson-directed video?

Singled Out: Usher “Foolin’ Around”

Usher returns to Confessions' winning formula of crooning infidelity for this JD-and-B. Cox-produced leak from Raymond vs. Raymond.


Singled Out: Usher Feat. Nicki Minaj “Little Freak”

The wedding ring is definitely off on this Usher cut, replete with groping, threesomes and a scene-stealing Nicki Minaj.


Peep This: Usher Raymond vs. Raymond

Raymond Vs. Raymond from Usher Raymond on Vimeo.


Singled Out: Usher Feat. T.I. “In My Bag”

Two of A-Town's finest trade haughty bars over this Scott Storch production, leaked from Raymond Vs. Raymond. Does Usher finally have his mojo back?


Usher & Tameka Are Officially Divorced, Says Foster Rep

Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster's divorce is now final, a rep for Foster tells VIBE.


Usher and Tameka Love the Kids… and Battle Over Them

Hours after news broke of there being not just one but two phone calls to police from Usher, reports reveal the "Papers" singer and his…


V OPINION: Can Usher Make Divorce Sexy?

Released yesterday, "Papers" is the first single off Usher's upcoming sixth album, Raymond vs. Raymond, initially titled Monster (good grief!). Neither a hit nor a…


Singled Out: Usher “Papers”

We've got a confession: Usher's back! Peep the leadoff single from Raymond vs. Raymond.