Kanye West, Drake, Wayne Refill Eminem’s Relapse

Kanye West, Drake and Lil Wayne join Eminem on Relapse: Refill, the unexpected and revamped edition of Eminem's 2009 studio album.Set to be released ahead…


Eminem Refills Fans’ Prescriptions With Relapse Rerelease in December

Eminem will be re-filling fans' prescriptions in December, with the re-release of his sixth studio album, Relapse. According to, a revamped version of the…


Stage Presence: Eminem & Janelle Monae Do Voodoo Fest

Eminem's lone full set concert of 2009, at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, was a solid, sober performance that didn't showcase Eminem as a struggling…


Eminem Says Relapse 2 Will Drop This Year

Eminem emerged from the bat cave and revealed details about his next album, Relapse 2, which he says is complete and dropping this year.