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50 Cent Delivers Speech At Brooklyn Church Event Honoring Hip-Hop

"No weapon formed against me shall we must understand that 'the strap' is in prayer."


V Books: Rapsody’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ And 7 Books That Explore Black Religion

Inspired by Rapsody's latest offering, VIBE complied a list of some important and very informative books on the history of the black church.


New Film ‘Cocote’ Examines Religious Strife In The Dominican Republic

A devout protestant finds himself at a crossroads after his father's murder.

Digital Covers

The Gag Is… Keke Palmer Is The Soul Author Of Her Truest Gospel

It’s a crisp 20 degrees and Lauren "Keke" Palmer dons a faux fur coat over a short skirt and bikini top while greeting fans outside…


Princess Nokia Talks Infusing Santería In Her Music

"Because my people were oppressed, murdered, and their spirituality was taken away from them, I feel it’s my duty to exhibit it in my art."


Duke University Study Reveals Sex Could Be The Key To Spirituality

Shaking hands with lovers boosts oxytocin and connects us to the spiritual world.

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Rita Ora And Wiz Khalifa Perform New Collaboration “Religion”

Rita Ora is on a non-stop promo run for her forthcoming album, and following the release of her current single "Body On Me" feat. Chris…


8 Rap Lyrics That Use Five-Percent Nation Language

It’s not hard to miss the humongous Five-Percent Nation pendant that hangs from Jay Z's neck. Recently, his chain attracted the attention of conservative White…


BREAKING: Pope Benedict XVI Is Resigning; Cites Ill Health

The former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger says early this morning (Feb. 11) that he will resign as Pope n February 28—making him the first to do…


V Exclusive: Tupac Shakur — The Lost Footage, Pt. VI

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