Richard Pryor


Richard Pryor’s Son Receives Massive Wave Of Boos At The Apollo

While Mason Pryor received a few chuckles at the beginning, his delivery along the way failed to obtain the deep-in-your-stomach laughter that his legendary father once…


Rain Pryor Denies Any Sexual Involvement Between Richard Pryor And Marlon Brando

Many found their daily bread in the exposé but it left a sour taste in the mouth of Pryor’s daughter, Rain Pryor.

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There’s A Pam Grier Biopic In The Works

Jay Pharoah has reportedly been cast to play Richard Pryor.

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Jay Z Announced As Producer For Richard Pryor Biopic

"His story is an American story."


Comedy Beef: Mike Epps Shades Chris Rock

Chris Rock has remained relatively beef-free when it comes to his long standing career, but that comes as no surprise. He's one of…

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Yikes! Oprah To Play Richard Pryor’s Abusive Grandmother In Biopic

Ms. Winfrey is really gunning for that Academy Award isn't she?


Mike Epps to Play Richard Pryor in Biopic?

According to Deadline, Mike Epps has been chosen as one of the actors in the lead to portray the late comedian Richard Pryor in…


Nick Cannon Addresses Richard Pryor Biopic Rumors

Biopic season continues with its share of controversy. The latest target is Nick Cannon, who was rumored to play the iconic actor/comedian Richard Pryor to…


Nick Cannon to Play Richard Pryor?

Nick Cannon's BET Awards attire had everyone wondering what was up. He hit the stage rocking a pick with a mini fro as if he watched a…


Black History Month: Kevin Hart Names The Comedians Who Influenced Him Most

Kevin Hart is officially a Hollywood headlining superstar. The bantam comedian is coming off his third consecutive box office triumph as his latest film, the…

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Stand-Up Guys: Nick Cannon Speaks On Richard Pryor’s Influence

Nick Cannon is serious about his comedic chops. And as a student of the game, he's studied the greats before him. Here, Mr. Wild…

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Director Lee Daniels Rumored To Helm Richard Pryor Biopic

NAACP nominated Lee Daniels is looking to hop back into the saddle with The Weinstein Company, as he is in negotiations to tackle the much…

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Forest Whitaker Replaces Bill Condon As Director For Richard Pryor Biopic

If you're excited for the Tribeca Film Festival reveal of the Richard Pryor documentary, this right here is something that is equally highly anticipated.