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World’s Most Famous Mayor Rob Ford Has Died

Ford shot to fame through scandals and vibrant personality.


Video: Rob Ford Knocks Over Toronto Reporters

Rob Ford must have been a defensive lineman when he was younger. The video below shows him moving through crowds with security as reporters lob…


Rob Ford Humiliates Himself On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

This really happened last night. And, we don't think Drake has approved this message from Toronto. To the disapproval of many Torontonians,…


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Plays DJ

Add this to Rob Ford's list of hobbies alongside allegedly smoking crack. The Toronto mayor took a spin on the DJ booth Saturday…


Rob Ford Really Brought ‘Bob Marley’ Day To Toronto

Toronto mayor and occasional narcotics dabbler Rob Ford is a big reggae fan. In December, the roly-poly politician danced to the music at a City…


The 10 Most Scandalous Politicians In Recent History

According to Wikipedia, a politician is defined as "a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making." And while we certainly wouldn't…