Travis Garland Covers Beyonce’s ‘Rocket’

Since leaving the pop group NLT (Not Like Them,) Travis Garland has been unstoppable. In 2013, Garland dropped his self-titled album and an…


Miguel Speaks On Writing Beyoncé’s ‘Rocket’: ‘Nothing Was Off-Limits’

Unless you’re asexual (or Keri Hilson), it’s impossible to hear Beyoncé’s "Rocket" and not feel an intense urge to invite your guy/gal/cutty buddy over to…


Beyonce Gets Candid In ‘Self-Titled’ Part 5 With Justin Timberlake

Beyonce drops Part 5 of her Self-Titled mini-documentary series that gives a glimpse into her fifth self-titled LP, Beyonce. In this five-and-a-half minute…


Watch Beyonce’s 5th Mini Documentary- ‘Honesty’ [Video]

For the latter part of Beyoncé's life she's been a business; making music that appeases the masses instead of what's true to herself.