Sabrina Claudio


Sabrina Claudio Apologizes For Racist Social Media Remarks

"I realize my past ignorance is affecting people..."


Sabrina Claudio Debuts Addictive Song “Don’t Let Me Down” Feat. Khalid

The "Location" singer croons sweet nothings into Sabrina Claudio's ear in their uptempo banger.


Sabrina Claudio Stays True To Sensual Vibes On “All To You”

"It's a really sexy, sensual song as per usual. I can't get away from that."

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Here Are The Latino Acts Hitting Lollapalooza 2018

The Lollapalooza 2018 lineup is finally here, and there's a number of acts of Latin American descent.

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Sabrina Claudio Insists It’s ‘About Time’ We Welcome Her Soothing Voice Into The Fall

Let Sabrina Claudio's voice carry you away on her new 'About Time' project.