Saudi Arabia


Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty To Make Monetary Waves In Saudi Arabia

After stretching Fenty Beauty’s reach to Milan, Italy, Rihanna’s coveted makeup line plans to plant roots in another lucrative market.

Movies & TV

‘Black Panther’ Becomes First Film To Premiere In Saudi Arabia Since 35-Year Cinema Ban

The cultural impact of Black Panther has continued to increase in magnitude since its Feb. 16 release.


Saudi Arabian Singer Arrested For Dabbing On Stage

Abdallah Al Shahani, a Saudi Arabian singer, was reportedly arrested for hitting the dab on stage during a performance. According to…


Saudi Arabia Executes 7 Men in Public

Against the rallying of human rights activist groups, seven men were beheaded Wednesday (Mar. 13) in Saudi Arabia after being charged with looting, theft and…


70-Year-Old Man Marries 15-Year Old Girl in Saudi Arabia

A 70-year-old man and a 15-year old girl were married in Saudi Arabia after the girl's parents reportedly sold her to the man for $20,000.