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SMH: Shooting Reported On The Campus Of Northern Arizona University

Unfortunately, yet another college campus shooting has occurred this week.


University of Maryland Students Die in Murder-Suicide, Police Say

Another school shooting occurred, this time at the University of Maryland. We have the details for you after the break.


Names & Ages of Newtown School Shooting Victims Released

The names and ages of the 26 victims who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School on the morning of Dec. 15 at the psychotic rage…


27 People Killed in Newtown Elementary School Shooting – Connecticut

VIBE is deeply saddened to report about a horrific school shooting that took place this morning. According to reports, a gunman named Adam Lanza opened…

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Breaking! Virgina Tech Placed on Lockdown After Two People Are Shot to Death

Virginia Tech released information of a police officer who was shot Thursday and a possible second victim near the campus parking lot, issuing a campus-wide…