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Meek Mill Takes On Fine Dining Etiquette Classes

Meek Mill was originally ordered to take court-ordered etiquette 2008 after violating his probation in his 2008 gun possession case and passed with flying…


For DJs, By DJs: The Top 5 Schools of Rave

There is no doubt that we have seen an incredible explosion in both the demand and the need to learn how to produce music to…


1927 School Bombing Relived After Newtown Shooting

In light of Friday's brutal shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT, media attention has been brought back to a 1927 school bombing…


Police Arrest Man With 47 Seven Guns After School Threat

There has been another report of a potential threat targeting innocent children.


27 People Killed in Newtown Elementary School Shooting – Connecticut

VIBE is deeply saddened to report about a horrific school shooting that took place this morning. According to reports, a gunman named Adam Lanza opened…


Bookworm Chic: Celebrity Women Who Went Back to School

For many of our favorite celebrities like Drake, school was often put on the back burner for a career that ended up taking over their…


Seven Murdered in Oakland Christian College Shooting

A former student of a Christian college in Oakland open fired in the school, leaving seven people dead.Though motives for the shooting are unclear, the…


The Vixen Survival Guide to an All-Night Study Session

Let’s face it, Vixens. Being a 24-hour Wonder Woman doesn’t exactly come easy. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. At one…


Fail Of The Day: Mother Forces Son To Stand On Highway Holding Sign Saying Grades Suck

A frustrated Florida mother made her son stand on the highway holding a sign that announced his 1.2 gpa and told passersby to honk if…
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