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Chief Keef Says Trump Sent Secret Service After Him

According to Keef, he had a run-in with the Secret Service.


The Secret Service Depleted Its Budget To Pay Agents Due To Trump’s Frequent Travel

The Secret Service director says they've spent $60,000 alone just to rent golf carts to follow Trump around his Florida or New Jersey courses.


Special Agent Says Donald Trump’s Presidency Is A ‘Disaster To This Country’

One special agent refrains from biting her tongue when it comes to discussing Donald Trump.


President Obama’s Secret Service Agents Sent Home After Drunken Night

Secret Service agents apparently can’t keep their bad habits a secret.


President Obama Looks To Re-Open White House Tours For Kids

Several days after the White House closed their doors in the wake of budget cuts, President Obama is now asking the Secret Service…


Secret Service Dog Dies After Falling From Rooftop

On Saturday night, Tragedy hit the Secret Service family after a trusted canine fell to its death while doing a sweep of a multi-story parking…


Photos Surface of Alleged Escort Involved in Secret Service Scandal

Talk about a nightmare. In a recent sex scandal reported by the NY Daily News, the Secret Service is now in a debacle…

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Homeless Man Hops White House Fence, Apprehended By Secret Service

And the ultimate Obama Stan award goes to... 41-year-old James Dirk Crudup. Yesterday, Secret Service agents caught the homeless man sneaking onto the White House…