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Serena Williams Considering Retirement From Tennis To Expand Family

"If I weren’t working, I’d already be pregnant," the tennis legend said in a recent interview.


Serena Williams On Domestic Violence: “This Is A Human Rights Issue”

Williams revisited her fight to provide resources and solutions, and wants to stress educating young boys and men on this matter.


Serena Williams Forced To Withdraw From French Open

Just after returning to the courts for her first major, Serena Williams has to withdraw from her upcoming June 4 match with Russian tennis player…

Movies & TV

HBO’s ‘Being Serena’ Proves The Tennis Titan Is Just Like Us

'Being Serena' takes an intimate look at the tennis champion as she balances life as an athlete, soon-to-be wife and mother.

Movies & TV

HBO Releases Trailer For Docu-Series Starring Serena Williams

We can't wait to see what it's like "Being Serena."


Serena Williams To Serve Real Life In HBO Docuseries

After getting back to the tennis circuit since her hiatus last year, Serena Williams plans to dominate yet another arena.


Serena Williams Proves There’s No Wrong Way To Be A Woman In A Powerful New Nike Ad

"I'm proving time and time again there's no wrong way to be a woman."


Serena Williams’ Return To Tennis Will Benefit Yetunde Price Resource Center

The G.O.A.T. shared her elation on Instagram and wants to bring fans near and far along this new journey.


Serena Williams Recalls Pregnancy Complications, Proposes Change

Williams wants to help women with like conditions after penning an essay on her pregnancy.


Serena Williams Talks Family And Motherhood With ‘Vogue’

The tennis star gets intimate about recent revelations, discussing the many facets of motherhood and the complications encountered during childbirth.
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