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‘Inside His Mind’ Part 3: What Single Women Should Do On V-Day

So you've rehearsed the rationale and conspiracy theories of why Valentine's Day is bogus, but you still don't look forward to the end of…


‘Inside His Mind’ Part 2: The 4 Things Men Do Not Want For V-Day That Women Think We Do

On Valentine's Day, nobody stocks the shelves with fluffy teddy bears, red roses, and balloons with a man's happiness in mind. Why? Because men…


Sex Talk: 8 Secrets Every Man Should Know About His Penis

We'll never understand the great importance men place on their penis! However, we do know that men don't know everything when it comes…


9 Reasons Why He’s Just Not That Into You

Imagine this: You’re stuck on the other end of the phone-line waiting for a this dude you met last night to text you. How do…


Seattle Woman Sent To ER After 3-Hour Orgasm

TLC is making capital telling the crazy sex stories of various viewers on it’s new show Sex Sent Me to the ER.


Did Beyonce And Jay Z Stock Up On $6,000 Worth of Sex Toys?

Beyonce is proving that baby Blue or not, she's still a hot mama. According to RadarOnline, Beyonce and her hubby stopped in a New York…


Woman Who Claims Soulja Boy Fathered Her Son Reveals Photos

Soulja Boy is still facing charges from a woman who claims that he is the father of her 5-year old son.


Lorde On Being ‘Sex Positive’: ‘I Have Nothing Against Anyone Getting Naked’

Lorde’s got a penchant for angsty teenage anthems, but the 17-year old is a lot more chill than you think. The New Zealand native channels…


Top R. Kelly Songs That Will Get Someone Pregnant

R. Kelly has compared women’s body parts to cars and cookies, he’s sung about doing it in various unfathomable places (including…


7 Artists Who’ve Simulated Sex On Stage

When news of a Lady Gaga and R. Kelly collabo surfaced, music lovers wondered how it would sound. Seeing the pair actually perform the track?


Meagan Good and Hubby, DeVon Franklin to Write Relationship Book

There is so much love going around black Hollywood these days you can not help but to love it. If you're wondering how…


7 Ways To Keep You From Getting Caught Up With Your Sex Partner

Establishing a casual sex relationship often comes with a set of rules and boundaries we must be aware of in order to keep the affair…

Movies & TV

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Adds Jamie Dornan As Christian Grey

After actor Charlie Hunnam dropped out to play the lead in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the studio has chosen Jamie Dornan…


How First Date Sex Screws You Over

First date sex can either be really great, super awkward, or a single occurrence with the person you are doing it with. Really…


R. Kelly’s 5 Weirdest Sexual References On ‘Cookie’

Kellz made the nation think an entirely different way about their favorite snack yesterday when he released the raunchy new single from his upcoming album,…
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