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Bye Donald: Judge Rules Shelly Sterling Can Proceed With Clippers Sale

Donald Sterling has (finally) been boxed out of the Clippers sale. A judge affirmed Monday (July 28) that his estranged wife…


Donald Sterling Sounds Off On NBA Charges In A 32-Page Letter

This Donald Sterling guy is a fighter. Instead of bowing out gracefully from his racial snafu or patiently waiting for his upcoming trial with the…


Shelly Sterling Accepting Offers For L.A. Clippers, Oprah Out Of The Running

Shelly Sterling will begin accepting offers to cop the Los Angeles Clippers, the team she and her estranged husband, Donald Sterling, currently own.


Donald Sterling Allows Wife To Negotiate Sale Of Los Angeles Clippers

New headlines are circulating around NBA team owner Donald Sterling when the 80-year-old reportedly agreed to allow his wife, Rochelle Sterling, to control the sale…


Preview: Shelly Sterling Breaks Silence On Husband’s Racist Comments

?In an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters, Donald Sterling's estranged wife, Shelly, says she will fight for her 50% ownership of the L.A.