‘The Simpsons’ Binge Watching Just Became Easier

The longest running cartoon primetime animated series is breaking new ground with a venture into the online world. While The Simpsons was at…


The Best TV Show Theme Songs of All Time

If we asked a room full of 100 people to finish "In West Philadelphia born and raised...," they would do it without missing a…


Krusty Burger And Moe’s Tavern Open In Orlando

Simpsons' fanatics are currently flocking to Orlando's Universal Studios theme park.


Simpsons Writer-Producer Don Payne Dies

Emmy-winning writer and producer, Don Payne, passed away last night (Mar. 27) at his home in Los Angeles…

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WATCH: The Simpsons Do the “Harlem Shake”

Baauer's "Harlem Shake" has gotten animated. In a new promo for The Simpsons , Homer and family create their own dance video inspired by the…


The Simpsons “Springfield” Revealed to Be Inspired By Oregon

The best kept secret in The Simpsons history has finally be revealed. For over 22 years, fans of the animated series have wondered exactly where…