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Kanye West Revises ‘Ye’ Song To Reflect Views On Slavery

Many presumed Kanye West's statements on slavery would be explained on his 'Ye' album, but fans received the opposite until now.


V Books: 5 Books On Slavery That Kanye West Needs To Read

Emabarking on an incessant self-didactic journey. That's education.


“Experience The Choices In Chains:” Nigerian Senator Offers Kanye West A Visit To Slave Ports

Nigeria’s Senator Shehu Sani extended an invitation to West to visit the slave ports that are still located and preserved in West Africa.


Adidas Refuses To Cut Ties With Kanye West Over Slavery Comments

 “Kanye has been and is a very important part of our strategy," the company said in a statement.


Jamie Foxx Slams TMZ For Kanye West Interview, Asks Rapper To Call Him

"TMZ knows they shouldn't be doing that sh*t man."


The Choice Of The Choice-less: Lupe Fiasco Provides An In-Depth Look Into Slavery

Lupe Fiasco shared the minimal choices slaves really had.


Kanye West Attempts To Clarify Comments About Slavery

He then compared himself to Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman.


Dr. James Marion Sims Statue Removed For Turbulent History With Black Women

The gynecologist operated on enslaved black women without anesthesia in the 19th century.


New Michigan State University Database Will Allow People To Research Records On Slavery

African-Americans will now have a new online data archive to help them find out more about their ancestry titled: “Enslaved: The People of the Historic Slave…


Wisconsin Teacher Reportedly Asks Students To List “3 Good Reasons For Slavery”

The assignment was intended to "spark debate in English class."


Reports Claim Slave Auctions Are Being Held In Libya

The auctions took place in nine areas outside of Tripoli in the North African country.