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Missouri Waitress Fired For Saying She’s Going “N****r Hunting”

The young woman is also being investigated by the U.S. Air Force, as she is an enlistee.


Florida Student Under Investigation After Racist Promposal Goes Viral

Guess someone isn't going to prom after all.


Black Students Suspended For Posting Video Of White Classmate Saying N-Word

"I was a victim in the situation and you all got mad at me for putting it out there."


Rihanna Slams Snapchat For Ad Mocking Domestic Violence

"All the victims of DV in the past and especially the ones who haven't made it out yet, you let us down," the singer said…

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Snapchat Apologizes After Using Ad Making Fun Of Rihanna’s Domestic Abuse

They tried to say it was a software "error."


Teen Hangs Herself After Reportedly Cheating On Boyfriend

She accidentally sent a Snapchat to her boyfriend referencing her infidelity.


Teen Stabs Stepfather To Death & Posts Snapchat Video Of His Last Breath

Nickolas Vinson was charged with first degree murder in the death of Lemar Owensby.


Texas Woman Gets Five Years For Shooting Gun Out Of Moving Car, Posting Footage On Snapchat

Sierra Tarbutton pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and deadly conduct charges.


The Internet Seems To Think DJ Envy Enjoys A Certain Sexual Activity

And because Charlamagne is king of the jerks, he's now referring to his longtime co-host as "DJ Entry."


Kim Kardashian Roasted On Twitter For Defending Makeup Artist’s Racist Comments

"If someone claims that they've changed, I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt."


Uber Passenger Reportedly Catches Driver Shaking Hands With A Prostitute During Ride

"I think he assumed at that time of night I was too intoxicated to notice what was going on," Aner Manuel said.


Snapchat Inks $100 Million Deal With Time Warner To Create Entertainment Content

The mobile inks $100 million partnership with Time Warner to develop scripted comedies and dramas.

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Schoolboy Q Reveals He’s Recorded “Like 50 Songs” For Next Album

It looks like Schoolboy Q's Snapchat has been the place to be recently.

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Calvin Harris Teases Frank Ocean Collaboration On Social Media

It looks like we could be blessed with some new vocals from Frank in the coming months.
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