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Missouri Waitress Fired For Saying She’s Going “N****r Hunting”

The young woman is also being investigated by the U.S. Air Force, as she is an enlistee.


Florida Student Under Investigation After Racist Promposal Goes Viral

Guess someone isn't going to prom after all.

Music News

Might Chance The Rapper And Gwen Stefani Work Together?

Twitter- a place for collaborations.


Sabrina Claudio Apologizes For Racist Social Media Remarks

"I realize my past ignorance is affecting people..."


Social Media Users Help Police Arrest Mom After Video Of Baby Smoking Marijuana Surfaces

"We appreciate the public's help in this matter, we welcome and encourage any assistance the public is willing to give us at all times."


Incredible: 8-Year-Old Inspires Touching ‘Black Panther’ Hashtag

Black Panther is inspiring a lot of good on social media — from campaigns to help people see the movie to celebrations of its cultural significance.


Nelly Responds To Alleged Media Bias Amidst Sexual Assault Scandal

"When my charges were dropped I don’t think that made as much headlines..."


The Queen Is Dethroned: Kylie Jenner Surpasses Beyoncé’s Instagram Record

Look out for Stormi weather ahead by way of the Beyhive.
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