Soldier of Love


Hear Sade Now: Full Stream of “Soldier of Love” Album

It's been nine years, 12 weeks and three days since a new Sade album has graced store racks, but the sultry songbird is back with…

Sade Shows Some “Skin”

Another smooth sample from Soldier of Love.


Sade Unveils The Making of “Soldier of Love”

While we wait like a fat kid who loves cake for the Feb. 9 release of Sade’s Soldier of Love, we present a rare glimpse…


Peep This: Sade “Soldier of Love”

Sade is back! Watch the timeless diva step back into the spotlight with stepping troupe that could be straight off an HBCU campus. Stomp…


Sneak Peek: Sade’s Soldier of Love

Few recording artists in the time of continuing shrinking record distribution, digital music downloads, and a never-ending recession, would receive the posh red carpet rollout…


Singled Out: Sade “Soldier of Love”

Behold, Halley's comet of soul! Sade resurfaces with a new single, the title track from the February 2010 upcoming album. Sounds as good as ten…


Sade To Debut New Single Tuesday

Sade will debut a brand new single online Tuesday (Dec. 8).


Uncovered: Sade Soldier Of Love

Check out this scenic album artwork from Sade, making a comeback in a major way after a 10 year hiatus. Soldier of Love hits stores…