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#VixenMackAttack Day 7: “You Can Cry to Me” Feat. Raekwon and Doug E. Fresh [Mack Wilds Exclusive]

Mack‘s back to break down another track! #VixenMackAttack Day VII: Our boy gets poetic with "U Can Cry To Me" feat. Raekwon and Doug E.


#VixenMackAttack Day 6: “Keepin it Real” [Mack Wilds Exclusive]

Mack‘s back to break down another track! #VixenMackAttack Day VI: Our boy gets poetic with "Keepin' It Real", the sixth single from his upcoming debut album "New…


#VixenMackAttack Day 5: “MaGic!!!” [Mack Wilds Exclusive]

Mack‘s back to break down another track! #VixenMackAttack Day V: Our boy gets poetic with "MaGic!!!" (produced by SalaAM ReMi and Rico Love), the fifth single from his…


#VixenMackAttack: Day 4 “Own It” [Mack Wilds Exclusive]

Mack‘s back to break down another track! For #VixenMackAttack Day 4 our boy gets poetic with "Own It" (produced by Havoc and SalaAM ReMi), the third…


ASAP Rocky Track From Grand Theft Auto V Leaks, Sony Takes the Blame

A new ASAP Rocky track recorded for the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack surfaces today. You can thank Sony for the track. The company pre-maturely…

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Sony PlayStation 4 To Launch November 15; Twitch Confirmed

The oft-talked about "console wars" has reached a level of excitement that popped off the room during today's Gamescom press conference. We now have a…


Solange Launches Saint Records

Solange is well-versed in being an independent woman.


Lauryn Hill Signs With Sony, Addresses Financial Problems

Rumors have been swirling around that Lauryn Hill signed a new record deal to help pay off her tax debt. The ex-Fugee who…


First Watch: IMS Engage Presents Russell Simmons In Conversation With Patrick Moxey

This never-before-seen video features a raw and inspirational conversation between Ultra Music founder Patrick Moxey (now President of Electronic at Sony) and hip-hop icon Russell…


13 Tracks Confirmed For Daft Punk’s New Album

Straight from Sony/Columbia records is the latest update from Daft Punk's greatly anticipated new album. Recently, they have just registered 13 new tracks under their…

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Studios And Theaters Agree To Distribute Movies Through Satellite

First they want to take away our guns, and now our home video collection?! What's the world coming to!

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Sony Unveils PS4 But Shows No Console!

There were a lot of highlights from last night’s PlayStation 4 unveiling. With independent and gaming press all invested in what Sony had up their…


Live Stream Of Sony Playstation 4 Event

Sony is poised to announce... something today, most like an updated video game console to replace the Playstation 3. You can live stream the Playstation…


Review: ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’ Is No ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Superbot Entertainment held lofty expectations for their game in hopes that they would be able to mirror the mega-blockbuster success of Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros."

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TRAILER: Sony Releases Halloween Inspired “Puppeteer” Clip

Sony is releasing a new Halloween clip for gamers to feast their eyes on — and you can see it for yourself after the jump.