South America


Mummy Mystery Solved: Alien-Like Skeleton Related To Indigenous Chileans

Scientists discovered a groundbreaking DNA mutation in the remains of a young girl in the Atacama Desert.


Peruvian Super Chef To Serve Indigenous Cuisine High In The Andes

Pre-Columbian flavor 11,500 feet above sea level


First-Of-Its-Kind Glass Tunnel Aquarium Is Opening In Brazil

South America’s largest aquarium is scheduled to open on Nov. 9 in Rio de Janeiro.


Uruguayan Director Fede Alvarez Reinvents Horror In ‘Don’t Breathe’

"The only way to be successful in the genre."


Spinnin’ Records Reach 1 Million Subscribers

Last weekend saw EDM record label Spinnin’ Records (who has released music and videos starring the likes of Sander van Doorn, Afrojack and…


Pardon The Introduction: HIIO “Something About You”

We’ve already experienced a dance invasion by Europe with some of the industries top DJs hailing from the Netherlands and Sweden. Now a second wave…