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Cheers To Peace: North and South Korean Leaders Agree To Formally End Korean War

During the meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took the most dramatic action as he briefly crossed into the South Korean territory making him the first North…


South Korean Man Fined For Spreading Rumor Of Wedding Between Dr. Dre And Former First Lady

Dr. Dre has landed in a web of lies that's received traction in South Korea.


Review: Kings of K-Pop BIGBANG Performs First U.S. Show In 3 Years

VIBE went to check out South Korea's biggest group.


U.S. Sends Fighter Jets To South Korea For Military Drills

In response to North Korea’s increased nuclear threats, the U.S. deployed fighter jets to support South Korea's military drills on Sunday (Mar. 31), NBC News…


Kim Jong Un’s Wife Reportedly Gave Birth

South Korea officials are reporting that leader Kim Jong Un and his wife had a baby.


Mad Cow Disease Discovery Leads South Korean Retailer to Stop Selling U.S. Beef

Another U.S. Mad Cow Disease scare has caused an overseas retailer to temporarily stop selling U.S. imported beef.Lottemart, a large South Korean retailer of beef…