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LeBron James Talks ‘Space Jam,’ Michael Jordan And More With ‘THR’

The NBA supernova is poised to take over Hollywood.

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Original Director Of ‘Space Jam’ Is Still Vehemently Against Its Reported Sequel

Joe Pytka remained adamant on not showing support for the potential remake.


20 Years Of ‘Space Jam’: How Revisiting The Film Cemented Important Life Lessons

One VIBE writer rewatched the classic cartoon movie during her Jordan Year, and realized a lot of valuable lessons in doing so.


5 Reasons Why ‘Space Jam’ Will Always Be A Slam Dunk

20 years after its release, VIBE explores a few reasons why the beloved 90s movie will always be a special part of our childhood.

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Michael Jordan Wants Blake Griffin To Star In ‘Space Jam 2′

LeBron James has already been tapped to star in the upcoming sequel.

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‘Space Jam’ Director Thinks The LeBron James Sequel Is Doomed

Director Joe Pytka's worries have little to do with James, and more about the relevancy of the potential players in the sequel.

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J.R. Smith May Appear In The ‘Space Jam’ Sequel

According to his lawyers, Smith may be tapped to voice one of the animated characters.


LeBron James To Star In “Space Jam 2″

This is like, really happening.