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Frank Ocean Is Being Sued By His Father For $14.5 Million

The singer's father is seeking a hefty payday.


Chicago Rappers Hotstylz To Sue Eminem For $8 Million Over Sample In ‘Rap God’

Eminem seems to have a multi-million dollar lawsuit on his hands. The Detroit native is being sued by Chi-town rappers Hotstylz over a few lyrics…


Drake To Be Sued For 300K Because of ‘Pound Cake’

Drake's "Pound Cake" song intro is being investigated to determine if the Grammy-winning artist was given permission to use the original jazz instrumentals. Apparently,…


Love & Lies?: Mona Scott Young Sued for Copyright Infringement

Looks like VH1’s ratchet reality empire is getting bi*ch slapped with a $50 million copyright infringement lawsuit. The prosecutor, 8th Wonder…


Photographer Sues Rihanna for ‘S&M’ Mimic

Rihanna may be a victor in one lawsuit,but today she's facing a new one. One the brink of her 26th birthday,…


Jermaine Dupri Might Lose Music Catalog in Latest Lawsuit

Jermaine Dupri has been working his way out of the red. He's paid off a $3 million tax lein and saved his Atlanta mansion from…


Kanye West Sued For ‘Gold Digger’ Sample

Kanye West is being sued by the children of late songwriter David Pryor on claims that he sampled one of Pryor's songs without permission, according…


Dr. Oz Sued After Insomnia Cure Goes Wrong

Call it a primetime medical malpractice. Dr. Oz is being sued after a viewer burned himself during an insomnia cure championed by the TV doc.


“Harlem Shake” Compensation: Baauer Gets Sued For Harlem Shake

Trap/bass producer and Mad Decent label artist Baauer (born Harry Rodrigues) has already experienced a lot of hype and diss from his YouTube phenomenon, ‘Harlem…


Cannonball! 8 Notorious Stage Divers

There's no better way to get closer to your fans than stage diving. Just ask Akon, an artist who might risk a court date due…


Female Fan Sues Jonas Brothers for “Concert Crush”

This past Monday (Dec. 31), a woman who claims she wound up traumatized after being caught up in a crush of fans at a free…


California Law Firm Sues Instagram Over Changes

A Southern California-based law firm, Finkelstein and Krinsk, has filed a class action lawsuit against Instagram for its recent privacy changes.