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Suge Knight Won’t Be Granted Temporary Release To Attend His Mother’s Funeral

Knight's mother reportedly passed away on Father's Day.


Suge Knight’s Murder Trial Will Reportedly Take Place In September

Suge Knight's murder trial is starting this coming fall.

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Report: Suge Knight Rushed To Hospital For Undisclosed Cause

The Death Row mogul was reportedly escorted to the hospital from an LA jail on Apr. 2.


Suge Knight’s Former Attorneys Were Willing To Reportedly Pay Witness $25,000 To Defend Him

Thaddeus Culpepper and Matthew Fletcher face up to three years in prison.

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Watch BET’s ‘Death Row Chronicles’ Documentary (Part 1)

Hear first hand accounts from folks close to Suge, Tupac, Snoop and more.


Suge Knight’s Former Lawyers Face Arrest For Alleged Bribery

A cloud of criminal activities continues to hang over Suge Knight's head.

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Suge Knight Accuses Police Of Listening To Confidential Meetings With Lawyers

The notorious music mogul filed a motion to get his murder case dismissed as a result of the alleged illegal activity.

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Suge Knight Drops Nightclub Shooting Lawsuit Against Chris Brown

The onetime rap mogul was reportedly threatened with a countersuit.


Suge Knight Reportedly Claims He Has Proof That Dr. Dre Tried To Have Him Killed

The former rap mogul accuses Dre of dropping $20k in an alleged murder-for-hire plot.


‘Straight Outta Compton’ Actor R. Marcos Taylor Faces Assault Charges

After an alleged scuffle that became physical in a New Jersey restaurant, Taylor faces accusations of physically assaulting two people.


Suge Knight’s Legal Team Denies Rumors Of Paying Off Witnesses

"I've never paid anyone, period, end of story."

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Suge Knight’s Son Calls Funkmaster Flex A “Lowlife” For Making Light Of His Father’s Imprisonment

"You're way too old to be keeping up this division between us black men, and you also show how much you lack being a man."
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