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Phil Lord And Chris Miller Are Rumored To Direct ‘Ghostbusters 3′

According to the original founder of Deadline, Nikki Finke, the mysterious Hollywood journalist believes that the team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller are being…

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Ivan Reitman Leaves ‘Ghostbusters 3,’ Instead He’ll Produce The Film

Ivan Reitman, the director whose legacy is closely tied to Bill Murray and the late Harold Ramis, has opted out of directing Ghostbusters 3. Instead,…


10 Great Shows to Binge-Watch on Weekends

We all know weekends are for sleeping in, ignoring chores and errands, and making the most of that Netflix account. If you’re anything…


Interview: Techno Wizard Jimmy Edgar Explains His Paranormal Experiences

"I Always Felt That I Had Some Kind Of Magical Power…"


Supernatural Freestyles The Rock The Bells 2013 Line-Up (Video)

Upholding to true Rock the Bells tradition, Supernatural unveils the line-up to the world in a creative freestyle at the 6th annual Press…

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Are You Ready To Go “On The Road With Sam And Dean Winchester”?!

This is a must have for Supernatural fans!


Kendra Morris Gets Supernatural on her new Album

Kendra Morris explains the concept behind her new album title, "Banshee", and how voodoo and witchcraft influenced her writing.