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Texas Family Sues T-Mobile After Infant Dies While Trying To Reach 911

The lawsuit blames the company for the death of six-month-old Brandon Alex after T-Mobile's software reportedly failed to connect with a dispatcher.


Mother Blames Death Of Infant Son On T-Mobile Tying Up 911 Line

Dallas native Bridget Alex says her babysitter was on hold with 911 operators for over 30 minutes due to T-Mobile ghost calls.


Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart Were Team T-Mobile During ‘Super Bowl LI’

Justin cleaned up his act for some T-Mobile coins.


Sprint Apologizes For Ad Calling T-Mobile “Ghetto”

This isn't a good look on the phone company.


Kim Kardashian’s T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Is So… Kim Kardashian

At this point, Kim Kardashian is basically the epitome of the word "famous." So it’s only right that she is tapped as the…


Shakira, Swizz Beatz Rock Bryant Park For T-Mobile’s #Unleash Event

T-Mobile announced a multi-year partnership with international superstar, Shakira, with a special event in New York’s Bryant Park on October 9th. The event kicked-off with…


T-Mobile Sidekick Back On Sale After Outage Controversy

After users expressed outrage over outages and data loss with their Sidekick smartphones in October, T-Mobile halted sales of the phone. This week, the Sidekick…


Sidekick Users’ Data Kicked to the Side

Last week, T-Mobile Sidekick users experienced an outage for days. While users have regained service again, some have lost all of their data.