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Did Tyga Ink Kylie Jenner’s Name On His Arm?

Among Tyga's many, many tattoos, there's one that's making headlines. While taking pictures with fans, the "40 Mill" rapper supposedly debuted a new tattoo which…


Watch Gillie Da Kid And Jeremih’s ‘Tattoo’ Video

Guys love ink. They love their tattoos, and they love girls with tattoos in the right places. It's no surprise that Gillie Da…


Drake’s Latest Tattoo Is Internet Friendly

Did Drake really get these new tattoos?


New Video: Kardinal Offishall ‘Tattoo (Rudebwoy)’

Produced and directed by Kardinal Offishall himself, "Tattoo" was filmed in various locations in Jamaica. While dancehall videos are constantly generated the same…


Rita Ora on Boyfriend Calvin Harris- ‘I’d Never Experienced Love Before’

Rita Ora is revealing more than her rib tattoo "Rosetta" (based on an original piece by Alberto Varga) on…


Fly or Fail? Miley Cyrus’ New Lip Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is known for her unexpected attention tactics, but she might have really outdone herself this time. The Bangerz singer debuted her newest tattoo—a…


Papoose Tattoos Remy Ma on His Forearm [Photo]

Papoose continues to show his loyalty to incarcerated wife, rapper Remy Ma, with a tattoo of her likeness. The rapper took…


Celebrity Tattoos That Might Surprise You

While stars like Gucci Mane, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna sport highly visible ink we all know about, a few celebs still leave the…


Pusha-T Fan Gets Play Cloths Face Tattoo

A young fan was so ... What's the word? ... Enamored? Inspired? Possessed? A young fan was so infatuated by Pusha T's Play Cloths label…


Rob Kardashian’s Ex Has HIs Name Tattooed WHERE?

Rob Kardashian's ex girlfriend Adrienne Bailon opened up about her relationship with Kim's brother, and dished a pretty revealing detail. Bailon admitted…


Nicole Richie ‘Tramp Stamp’ Removal (Video)

Nicole Richie 'tramp stamp' removal? Nicole Richie 'tramp stamp' removal.


Obama: If Malia and Sasha Get Tattoos, Then We Will Too [Video]

We always knew Obama and Michelle were members of the cool parents club, but it seems they’re reached a new level. This morning…


9 Tattoos Amber Rose Could’ve Gotten Instead Of Wiz’s Face

New mommy Amber Rose recently debuted fresh ink detailing her companion Wiz Khalifa’s mug. The resounding reaction: "Um..." Good news: The design reflects that of…


Amber Rose Tattoos Wiz Khalifa’s Face on Her Arm

Well, that's one way to express love. Amber Rose just took to Instagram to show off her…
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