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When Will Rappers Stop Being Used As Bait For Pop Hits?

One reader wonders if, during hip-hop's moment of prominence, rappers will stop being plucked solely for pop chart success.


Drake Attains New Spotify Record For Most Streams With “God’s Plan”

Drizzy's latest song has earned him the top spot.


Kanye West Fans Stream “Hey Mama” For Anniversary Of Donda West’s Passing

Their efforts are to celebrate the life of Ms. West and an attempt to thwart Taylor Swift.

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3LW’s Songwriters Sue Taylor Swift For Lyric Similarity

That's the way it iiiiiis...


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Take a walk down memory lane with these speeches from Grammys past.


The Women Who Cried Wolf In 2016

VIBE takes a closer look at the dangerous trend of little white lies.


Drake Shows Off His Awkward Dance Moves In Hilarious New Apple Music Commercial

It's always great to see Drizzy take off his cool every once in a while and make folks LOL.
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