Teenager Raises $17,000 To Help 1,000 Girls See “A Wrinkle In Time”

"Girls will know that the possibility of going into not that it is limited but limitless!"


Dangerously Low Temperatures Could Crack Your Phone From The Inside

Stay woke, warm and alert with these tips to protect your phone.

Movies & TV

‘Hidden Figures’ Film Inspires Education Exchange Program

#HiddenNoMore will reportedly offer opportunities to more than 50 women in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.


Nas Will Sponsor Tech Scholarships For Latinos & African Americans

Google, Microsoft, Hirepurpose and Nas join forces in "Opportunity Fund."


Rebecca Minkoff Fuses Fashion and Technology for NYFW Show

Apparently, wearable technology is the new trend. First DVF's collaboration with Google Glass, Nike's FuelBand SE, and now Rebecca Minkoff. The womenswear…


Drive Smarter, Go Green: New Fuel Efficient Technology

Looking to go green but worried that your bank account isn’t smart car-friendly? Well, now you can with an Automatic link and a smartphone.


DVF + Google Glass = Geek Chic

Fashion gets a dope technological upgrade with the genius that is Google Glass, and in exchange, techies get a lesson in fashion from…


Apple iWatch Rumored For October Release

Apple is looking to expand their already dominant stance in technology with rumors that an iWatch is being prepped for an October release. The timepiece…


iPhone 5C: Is A Budget iPhone On The Way?

It's quickly becoming the photo that took the tech world by storm over the weekend.


Jabra Music Puts a Wireless, Surround Sound Twist on Headphones and Speakers

In the competitive headphone and speaker market, Jabra Music is taking things up a notch by partnering with Dolby Digital for enhanced surround…


4 Apps to Beautify Your Instagram Pictures

With the insurgence of social media, amateur photography is more popular than ever before. But did you know that looking flawless in your selfies is…


Who’s Ready For Colorful iPhones?

Rumor has it Apple is set to introduce colorful and cheaper iPhones this summer. Apple insiders predict the newer versions will be available…


Hi-Tech Google Glasses Being Tested

For the past three years, Google Inc. has been developing a pair of glasses that will surely change the way the world sees things in…


New Interactive Robots Could Change Technology

We may be closer and closer to entering into an iRobot society sooner than we think.