Ted Williams


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Dr. Phil Convinces Ted ‘Golden Voice’ Williams To Enter Rehab For Heavy Drinking

Two days after being detained by the police, Ted Williams has agreed to enter a rehab center for his dependency on alcohol. The homeless man,…


You’re Not Famous Until People Make Fun Of You: Big Boy Spoofs ‘Golden Voice’

Comedian and radio host Big Boy did a spoof of Ted Williams, the former homeless man with the "golden voice" who has been getting press…


Golden Voice’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out, Says He Wasn’t There For Kids

Ted Williams and his golden voice are famous now, but his ex wife deserves major props too. Patricia Kirtley raised four daughters solo after Williams…


‘Golden Voice’ Man’s Mom Embarrassed To See Homeless Video

Ted Williams became a viral hit when video surfaced of him panhandling on an Ohio highway using his "golden voice" to get change but his…


Homeless Man With Radio Voice Lands Cavaliers Announcing Job

Usually homeless people carry signs that cut to the chase--they want your money. However, Ted Williams thought outside the box. The Ohio area man held…