Teen Hangs Herself After Reportedly Cheating On Boyfriend

She accidentally sent a Snapchat to her boyfriend referencing her infidelity.


Napa Man Arrested For The Reported Kidnapping And Sexual Assault Of A Teenage Girl

The pedophile was arrested and booked on multiple sexual assault counts at the local Sonoma County Jail.


Read 3 Short Poems Tupac Wrote When He Was 17-Years-Old

Tupac's impact on hip-hop will never be forgotten. His many sides and character traits make him an enigmatic figure to this day. Pac could be…


Rules & Regulations For Being a Great Roommate

As a late teen or a twenty something, you are bound to have a roommate.  Whether it be your college dorm or first…


Teenager Kills 5 In Albuquerque Shooting

A teenager is in custody after fatally shooting two adults and three children near an Alburquerque home Saturday night.

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Watch a Teenage Kanye West Perform in Chicago

Blogger DDotomen uncovered some rare footage of Kanye West performing as a teenager. "As you can see Kanye’s energy and voice is relatively the same…


Teenager Who Threw A Party After Killing His Parents Partly Blames Rap Music

The best friend of Tyler Hadley, the Florida teenager who killed his parents, spoke out about that horrific Sunday night (July 17) when…


Teenager Dies After Being Involved In Car Accident With Lamar Odom’s Driver

Lamar Odom was involved in a car accident yesterday in New York City but he was not injured, according to TMZ.


Today In WTF News: Teen Girl Shoots Dad With Arrow For Taking Her Cell

This is just crazy! Via NY Daily News: A Washington State man had to be airlifted to the hospital after his daughter shot him with…