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Texas Slashes Prices Of Phone Calls For Inmates

Under the new law effective Sept. 1, a 15-minute call will be reduced to 90 cents.


Teen Who Cop Slammed To The Ground At Pool Party Wins Settlement

The cop resigned from his position after police brutality protests began to spark.


Houston Police: Story Of Abducted 13-Year-Old Zavion Parker Is False

Police say they won’t file charges against anyone mentioned in the false report.


Girl Suspected Of Fatally Stabbing 14-Year-Old Is Still At Large

Nylah Lightfoot, 14, was stabbed in her sleep early Tuesday morning (May 29) at an apartment complex.


D.L. Hughley, T.I. Call Double Standard Between Texas School Shooting And Tay-K Murder Case

The two share what they describe as a double standard in both cases in Texas.


13-Yr Old Zavion Parker Escapes Abduction and Assault By White Supremacists

“We’re going to hang him. You’re going to find him in the morning,” read texts sent to the boys mother.


Mother Of Two Accuses Texas Officer Of Rape Following Arrest

“I don’t even like looking at me … I feel like I’m losing my mind.”


Texas Approves Mexican-American Studies Course Under Different Name

The class will be called "ethnic studies" instead.


Texas Mother Sentenced To Five Years For Voting In Presidential Election While On Probation

Crystal Mason says she didn't know her voting rights had been stripped away.


Call A Spade A Spade: Austin Bomber Wasn’t Challenged, He Was A Terrorist

The benefit of the doubt does wonders for non-black suspects.


‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch To Be Released From Jail In April

A friend of a victim killed by Couch says he thinks the teen has "transformed." 
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