The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill


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Adele Pens Heartfelt Letter To Lauryn Hill: “Thank You For Existing”

The singer wrote the letter in honor of the 20th anniversary of The Miseducaiton of Lauryn Hill.


Lookin’ Back: The Recreation Of Lauryn Hill’s Skits On ‘Miseducation’

Five 20-somethings reflect on the concept of love in recreations of Lauryn Hill's skits from her debut album. 


What Lauryn Hill’s Iconic ‘Miseducation’ Album Means To Black Women

Black women reflect on the emotional impact of Ms. Lauryn Hill’s most crucial body of work.

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Robert Glasper Says Lauryn Hill “Stole All [His] Friends’ Music”

Robert Glasper has particularly strong thoughts on the legacy of Lauryn Hill.

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SZA, Nas And More To Join Lauryn Hill On ‘Miseducation’ Tour

A lot of big names to accompany the superstar.

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Lauryn Hill Reclaims 1998 Classic, Remixes Drake’s “Nice For What”

The singer remixed the mix of Drake's "Nice for What," which samples her 1998 hit.


There’s A Lot Black Men Can Learn From Listening To Black Women Sing About Pain

Writer Paul Bromley examines the many life lessons black female musicians have imparted, and how black men can walk away better, if they choose to…


Charlamagne Tha God Calls Lauryn Hill “Entitled” In His Donkey of The Day Rant

Charlamagne isn't with the whole "aligning my energy with the time" song and dance either.


Lauryn Hill Pens Open Letter, Says She Has To “Align Her Energy With The Time”

"My true audience knows emphatically that I care. It isn't possible to affect people in any deep and meaningful way without putting sacrificial time in."


Could A Follow Up To Lauryn Hill’s ‘Miseducation’ Be In The Works?

**takes deep sigh** Please don't toy with our musical emotions.


‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ To Be Archived In The Library of Congress

After 17 years, Ms. Hill's debut record, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is still proving to be impactful.


Vixen Chat: Mya Shares a Secret and Dishes on ‘With Love’

Everybody knows Mya as the multitalented singer that collaborated with Silk The Shocker, danced for Sisqo and even tap danced on camera. Whether you're in  love or nursing a fresh break…


Backlisting: Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’ Turns 15

The year 1998 was a weird one for hip hop, but it was all building up to that period. We were still mourning the deaths…


Pissed Off Fans Walk Out On Lauryn Hill, Her Extreme Lateness Saga Continues

It seems that showing up late for a recent Williamsburg, Brooklyn performance was only the beginning for Lauryn Hill. She has been showing up three…