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Eve Voices Disappointment In Kanye West, States She Is “Done”

" cannot have these ideas without facts to back them up."

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Sheryl Underwood Breaks Down In Tears While Speaking On Terence Crutcher

"You don't have to train the police to not shoot white people. Why do you have to train 'em to not shoot us?"


Sharon Osbourne Admits: I Had My Vagina Tightened

  The Talk star and wife of Ozzy Sharon Osbourne, 61, has made it no secret that she's had multiple plastic surgery…


Would You Do It?: Julie Chen Talks Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Less Asian

If the only thing keeping you from your dream job was a change in physical appearance, would you do it? For The Talk…


Kris Jenner Weighs In On Kanye West’s Paparazzi Outburst

Kanye West's disdain for the paparazzi is practically public record. Shove a camera in his face and you can bet an enraged rapper…


Sara Gilbert Engaged To Girlfriend Linda Perry

Sara Gilbert is engaged to singer Linda Perry, and the proposal sounds like a fairy tale!