The White House

Movies & TV

Omarosa Compares Working In The White House To A Plantation

“I feel like I just got freed off of a plantation.”


Donald Trump Does Not Want The Warriors To Visit The White House Anymore

We doubt anyone lost a wink of sleep over this news.


The Trump Administration Removed The Spanish White House Webpage

"We believe it is not a good idea to give up such a communication tool, given that this is a country with 52 million Spanish speakers"


Watch Outtakes From The Obamas’ First Christmas Address In The White House

...and then immediatley cry afterward because you realize they're REALLY leaving.


Michelle Obama To Host White House Screening Of ‘Hidden Figures’

Michelle Obama is making sure that moviegoers in Washington, D.C. witness a healthy dose of black girl magic for the holidays.


Joe Biden Memes Have Been Taking Over The Internet

We're going to miss the vice president dearly.

Music News

The Obamas Will Host Their Own SXSW Style Festival At The White House

Who do you want to see perform at The White House?


First Lady Michelle Obama Joins Snapchat Because…She Gets It

Michelle Obama continues to rack up cool points.
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