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Interview: Craig Robinson Talks ‘This Is The End,’ Kissing Rihanna And ‘Peeples’ Criticisms

Even when you're not keeping an eye on Craig Robinson, the guy just looks like he's about to get into something funny. In what's sure…

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‘This Is The End’ Cast Talks End of the World

What would you do if the world was coming to an end? VIBE hit the red carpet and asked the stars of the…

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Watch: Rihanna’s Appearance In Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg’s ‘This Is The End’ Comedy

Without spoiling it for you, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's apocalyptic comedy This Is The End is really worth seeing when it hits theaters on…


New Music: Snoop Dogg And Craig Robinson ‘Take Yo Panties Off’

Reformed reggae man Snoop Dogg tag teams with musical funnyman Craig Robinson for the special mood-setter "Take Yo Panties Off." The after-hours duet pits the…

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2013 Summer Preview: The 15 Most Anticipated Movies

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Rihanna Smacks Cera, Gets Saucy In ‘This Is The End’ Red-Band Trailer

Rihanna smacks Cera, then things get crazy. The hilarious talents of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg reunite again for their directorial debut This Is The…


Rihanna Dies in New Comedy ‘This Is The End’ [Trailer]

Rihanna said she owns 2013, and her appearance in Seth Rogen's new comedy movie This Is The End is backing it all up.