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ESPN Offers Former Football Star Tim Tebow An Analyst Job

The Heisman-winning University of Florida quarterback, who turned pro and had brief stints with the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets and the New England…


Tim Tebow Signs With New England Patriots

"Tim Tebow Signs With New England Patriots" might be the most unlikely sentence you thought you'd read today. That's right. The much-maligned, dissected, yelled about,…


David Garrard Quits NY Jets QB Competition

QB David Garrard quit the New York Jets Wednesday (May 15), which may pave the way for rookie Geno Smith to take the reins.


Tim Tebow Tops Forbes’ 2013 List Of Influential Athletes In America

Skill set aside, Jets former backup quarterback Tim Tebow is a household name.


Tim Tebow Won’t Be Heading To The Miami Dolphins

If you are drawing up a list of where you think Tim Tebow is headed next, go ahead and cross "Miami Dolphins" off.


Tim Tebow Backs Away From Controversial Church

Tim Tebow will spread his faith, but not at the expense of his image.


Is Tim Tebow Headed to the Arizona Cardinals?

Tim Tebow may be moving out west for some action.


NY Sporting Goods Store Mocks Benched Tim Tebow Mannequin

At this very moment there may not be another more hated New York athlete than Tim Tebow. Though his time with the New York Jets…


Tim Tebow Breaks Up With Camilla Belle

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has split from actress Camilla Belle after two months of dating, Us Weekly reports.


Tim Tebow Criticized By Jets Teammates

There's no "I' in team, and apparently neither is Tim Tebow.


Who Is Tim Tebow’s New Girlfriend, Camilla Belle?

Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and his rumored (and now possibly confirmed) new girlfriend were spotted bowling and, according to partygoers, cozying up at Latitude 30…