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Watch A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s “Timeless” Moments

The Highbridge family congregated in NYC for a new music video.


Hang Time: Celebs Wearing Pasties

Sometimes even a bra is too much for stars looking to make a bold statement. These fashionably expressive celebs scrapped the Vickie Secrets and just…


Nobody’s Business: 10 Notoriously Private Celeb Couples

These days, everyone's relationship status is broadcasted on Facebook or photographed on Instagram, but there are still a few celebs who make like Brangelina and…


10 Facts You Didn’t Know About February 14th

Valentine’s Day may have taken over February 14th, but there are other cool things you may have overlooked today. No date? No problem. Annoy your…


20 Songs That Didn’t Need A Remix

Remixes come a dime a dozen, and depending on who you believe invented the remix it turns 16 this year. Hip-hop has seen some great…


13 Electronic Dance Music Films You Must Watch

Sundance Film Festival 2013 is revving up this week with a documentary titled, "The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion," debuting at the acclaimed Cannes occasion.


Lady Gaga’s 10 Most Controversial Looks

Lady Gaga knows how to get the people talking. Her unpredictable antics and even wackier ensembles attract the eyes of confused fans, colleagues…

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10 Rap Stars Who Have Gone Reggae

A lot of hype was made over Snoop Dogg's transition to Snoop Lion last year, but he's not the only one who has wanted to…


Read VIBE’s Feb 2003 Justin Timberlake Cover Story

With Justin Timberlake finally emerging from musical hibernation with new single "Suit & Tie," VIBE combed through our archives for our cover story with the…


Quentin Tarantino Influences on EDM

Wanna start a stampede in a movie theater? Try tossing Swedish House Mafia tickets into the crowd at a Quentin Tarantino film screening. Like the…


10 of Hollywood’s Biggest (and Most Fabulous) Losers

With the new year comes a fresh start, efforts to keep our resolutions and the return of NBC's challenging weight loss show, The Biggest Loser.


The Biggest Sports Moments of 2012

The year is almost over. 2012 brought us many things: an election, a Chrihanna reunion and great sports moments. Lebron James was crowned, Jerry Sandusky…


The Cutest Shots of KimYe

Let's be real. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's love fest on Instagram, Twitter and 'Ye's not-so-subtle song references have had you more tuned in than…


10 Things Better Off Staying Behind in 2012

2012 has no doubt been a crazy year. From uppercutting bus drivers to over-abusing YOLO privileges to viral internet thuggin,' this year has had its…


50 News ‘Stories’ No One Cared About In 2012

From debatably classic debut albums (ahem: Frank, Kendrick) to Beyonce joining Instagram (you know you care!), 2012 brought lots of water cooler worthy news stories.
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