Tony Hawk


2016 Tried To Take Skateboarder Tony Hawk And He Was NOT Having It

A fake news story alleged the pro-skateboarder was found dead in his home. Hawk quickly nipped that rumor in the bud.


Tony Hawk Names The Best Skateboarding Rapper (In His Opinion)

Rappers like Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne have been on a roll when it comes to their skateboarding prowess.


Tony Hawk Criticized for Letting His Daughter Skateboard Helmet-less

Pro-skater Tony Hawk came under scrutiny recently after a questionable picture hit the Internet. The photo shows him performing a pretty "gnarly" trick on the…

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Snoop and Kanye Get Animated: For Season 3 of The Cleveland Show

Not only will The Cleveland Show be returning for a third season, it’s bringing the Dogg Pound and Yeezy along for the ride.  The Family…