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‘Transformers 4: Age of Extinction’ Trailer

Michael Bay is back blowing things up with 'Transformers 4,' which brings together Shia LaBeouf for Mark Wahlberg and a whole new supporting cast including…

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Michael Bay Attacked By Man With Air Condition On ‘Transformers 4′ Set

Transformers 4 director Michael Bay was attacked Thursday (Oct. 17) on the set of his upcoming action-adventure film, which is currently filming in Hong Kong,…

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Dinobots Confirmed For ‘Transformers 4′ After Call Sheet Leak

Eagle-eyed snoopers spotted some intriguing news in regards to the upcoming Transformers 4 picture directed by Michael Bay. Paramount Pictures tried their best to do…

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‘Transformers 4′ Finds Bumblebee Sporting A Retro Look

Yesterday, we showed you Drift and Slingshot from the upcoming Michael Bay production, and now we are excited to show you a new look for…

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First Look: Pictures Of Two New ‘Autobots’ From ‘Transformers 4′

With principal photography on the fourth Transformers on the way (beginning Thursday), these new images featuring the Autobots should get fans hyped. Set…

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Kelsey Grammer To Play Human Villain In ‘Transformers 4′

Can't get enough of smash-em-up robots fighting the good fight alongside human warriors? Guess what, Autobots? There is a new villain in town looking to…

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New Plot Details Emerge For ‘Transformers 4′

Michael Bay and the team putting together Transformers 4 may have let this bit of plot slip through the cracks, but it doesn't drop any…

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Michael Bay Finds New Lead Actors For ‘Transformers 4′

Apparently, in the world of superhero films, you can never get too attached to the starring actors.

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Mark Wahlberg Officially Joins “Transformers 4″; Logo Revealed

Yesterday, we reported that Mark Wahlberg was debunked as joining the cast of "Transformer 4," courtesy of director Michael Bay. It seems that the filmmaker…

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Could Mark Wahlberg Star In “Transformers 4″?!

There was some healthy Internet chatter about "Transformers 4" that director Michael Bay recently squashed — but has he had a change of heart? More…