Trapped In The Closet

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Apple Music Reportedly Express Interest In R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Sequel

The music conglomerate seeks to revive a 2005 self-described "hip-hopera."


R. Kelly To Release ‘White Panties’ Album

Still riding the wave of his twelfth studio album, R&B legend R. Kelly doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In a recent interview with V…


K. Michelle Teams Up With Idris Elba and Robin Thicke

K. Michelle has been a busy bee these past few years. In addition to becoming a New Yorker, she also joined Love and…


R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Series Returning To IFC In 2014

R. Kelly wants to take us back in time. Thanks to IFC, next year we can all relive the magic that was Kells' "Trapped in…


R. Kelly Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Filming ‘Trapped in the Closet’

R&B genius R. Kelly released a behind-the-scenes look at filming his epic hip-hopera Trapped in the Closet. The footage shows a practice run-thru…


R. Kelly Defends ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Saga: ‘You Can’t Hate On That’

When R. Kelly first released his "Trapped In The Closet" series in 2005, the R&B-musical-meets-tongue-in-cheek-soap-opera was viewed as both groundbreaking and a joke unworthy of…


WATCH: R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet: Part 3″ — Chapters 23-33

Just in time for everyone's post-Thanksgiving food coma, R. Kelly dropped the third installment of his melodic soap opera Trapped in the Closet this past…

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R. Kelly Wants “Trapped in the Closet” on Broadway

The Pied Piper of R&B wants to bring his hilarious "Trapped in the Closet" to Broadway. Details after the jump.


R. Kelly Is Back With ‘Trapped In The Closet’ (Chapt. 23)

Remember R. Kelly's ongoing Trapped In The Closet series? If so, we've got some good (or bad) news for you: he's back. Rebooting the series…


R. Kelly Reveals Release Date For New ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Series

It’s finally coming. R. Kelly has revealed the release date for the brand new episodes of his Trapped In The Closet series titled Trapped In…

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Cleaning Out The Closet: An Open Letter to R. Kelly

VIBE Music Editor John Kennedy campaigns for a close to the "Closet" sagaDon’t R. Kelly’s 32 upcoming chapters of "Trapped…