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New Ki:Theory Video Gives Retro Games A Modern Edge Upgrade

Electronic musician and remixer Ki:Theory (aka Joel Burleson) has taken on some of the industry’s top artists - including Cypress Hill, Queens Of The Stone…


Daft Punk 101: Photographic History

If you dream it, it will come. VIBE created a photographic history of Daft Punk recently amidst swirling rumors about the return of Daft Punk.

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‘Tron’ Old School v. ‘Tron: Legacy’ Double Feature Trailer [VIDEO]

In the 1982 original cult classic Tron, we got a glimpse at what it would look like if people were transplanted inside super computers. So…

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‘Tron: Legacy’s’ Jeff Bridges on playing his younger self: “It was bizarre”

Tron: Legacy hits theaters December 17th and the story buried within this sci-fi tale of a son looking for his dad that got sucked into…

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3 Hot Films of Comic Con 2010: Resident Evil, Red & Tron 2 (VIDEO)

The audience may have long left the building of the San Diego Convention Center where the 2010 Comic Con was held, but the previews…