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What The Stars Are Watching On TV

Celebrities are just like us. Sure, they may be rich, famous and have better teeth, but at the end of a long day of being…

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17 Memorable TV Catchphrases

catch·phrase noun -ˌfrāz: The corny one-liners you always knew were coming, but they made you laugh anyway. Whether it was Fred Sanford's "You big dummy!"

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Brandon T. Jackson Cast As Eddie Murphy’s Son In New CBS Show

Funnyman Brandon T. Jackson is taking his talents to the small screen, but in a big way. We have the details for you after the…

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Dennis Rodman Celebrates “Apprentice” Firing With Champagne & Lap Dances

Retired NBA power forward Dennis Rodman has an interesting way of celebrating getting fired. Find out what he did after the jump!

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NBC’s “Community” To Return On February 7, 2013

It seems that a controversial move by Chevy Chase won't stop "Community" fans from seeing their favorite show again!

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NBC Is Developing A Thomas Edison Crime TV Show

Did you learn this fact in your history class?!